Kiln Supplies

Fuseworks 1-Ounce Variety
$5.35 $4.99
Threads of glass pulled from melted compatible sheet glass, can be used for lines or patterns in two- or three-dimensional kiln formed or torch worked projects. Place on or between glass and fuse....
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Fuseworks Beginner's Professional
$72.99 $72.99
Learn to fuse glass right in your microwave oven. Fuseworks Microwave kiln is lined with a high tech composite material specially formulated to fuse glass in a home microwave. A metal-lined microwave between 800-1200 WATTS is recommended for best results. Create stunnin...
Fuseworks Microwave Kiln Kit
$75.00 $99.95
Fuseworks the most exciting new innovative product in the history of crafts! This kit is an inspiring collection of fusing accessories specially designed to allow crafters to create beautiful and unique fused glass projects right in their microwave ovens. Make stunning ...
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Fuseworks 1-Ounce Dichroic
$6.29 $6.99
Dichroic glass adds dimension, pattern and surface variety to your fuse glass project.TO USE: Place glass face down on a flat cutting surface. Score glass using a glass cutter to desired shape and break. Layer glass on kiln paper inside kiln and fuse. When using clear d...
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Fuseworks Simply Fused Project
$9.99 $9.99
Simply fused is a must-have for any craft enthusiast’s library. Published by diamond tech, this book takes crafting to a whole new level of fun. Create stunning baubles and bangles to wear and for your home right in the microwave. Intended for use with the fuseworks l...
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Fuseworks Kiln Paper, Pack
$5.27 $4.99
Fuseworks kiln paper prevents the glass from sticking to the base of the kiln. The smooth surface of the kiln paper translates to a smooth finish on the back of fired projects....
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Fuseworks .78-Ounce Variety
$5.58 $5.79
Frits are made from crushed sheet glass. This large grain frit can be crushed to create smaller sized frit by placing frit in a plastic bag and striking it with a hammer. Use as a glass embellishment by sprinkling the frit on the surface or between layers of glass....
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Fuseworks Polar Fuse Glass
$10.71 $11.99
Create your own Travel themed glass sculptures! Use Polar Fuse Glass Casting Molds in conjunction with Glass Casting Medium to form glass into 3-D sculptures using in the revolutionary Fuseworks Microwave Kiln. Use glass shapes for jewelry, decorations, embellishments, ...
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Fuseworks Dichroic Texture
$7.72 $9.39
All that glitters is not gold - it’s Dichroic Glass! The new Fusible Shapes - Dichroic Texture Pack consists of 4 precut Dichroic one inch rounds. Each Fusible Shape has a different texture and color. Rumor has it, once you use this dynamite pack, you'll fall in love ...
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Fuseworks Fusible Glass Shapes,
$6.06 $5.99
Save time and minimize glass waste with Fuseworks Fusible Shapes. Made with Fuseworks 90 COE glass, shapes are perfect for all types of fusing projects. Specifically designed and tested for use in the Fuseworks Microwave Kiln. TO USE: Remove the lid from kiln and layer ...
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