Kiln Paper

JUYA Paper Quilling Kits with
$14.99 $19.90
This kit include all things (except the glue) you need to create a quilling craft. 1.30 colors paper quilling 100strips and 5 colors/pkg,600 strips total,390mm length(approx. 15 3/8 inch.) All of the above paper quilling you can choose the width: 1.1 Paper Width: 3m...
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Caydo 50 Vivid Colors 200
$17.56 $18.00
Caydo 50 vivid colors 200 sheets origami paper 6-inch by 6-inch for party and gifts Features A unique collection of 50 colors, can be suitable for anyone's demand for color Share your creations with friends and loved ones, you can find more fun with your children in you...
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Photo Sleeve Fuse Starter
$13.77 $19.90
Make your own custom photo layouts with this fuse tool starter kit by We R Memory Keepers! Bring depth, texture, and movement to flat photo projects. Create custom pockets and fuse waterfall photo sleeve protectors directly to your layout. Use a silicone or heat resista...
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Microwave Kiln Paper Shelf
$4.99 $9.57
Fiber paper is a favorite among warm glass artists because it does not easily disintegrate in the kiln!Kiln paper provides a nice, textured bottom to your finished fused glass piece.Once the finished piece is fired and cooled, fiber paper can be peeled away and discarde...
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Bullseye Thinfire Kiln Shelf
$12.46 $16.98
Save time and avoid brush stroke marks. Use our Crafter's Best thin shelf paper instead of shelf wash for an ultra smooth finish on the back of your fused piece. One time use. Fifteen 5" square sheets per pack. Crafter's Best features the popular Bullseye ThinFire Shelf...
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Microwave Kiln and DIY Fusing
$60.99 $66.99
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Fireworks 1-Pound Kiln Wash
$11.99 $11.99
High temperature kiln wash prevents glass from sticking to kiln shelf and ceramic and stainless steel molds. Easy mixing instructions included. Contains 1-pound of kiln wash....
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Large Microwave Kiln for Glass
$39.99 $39.99
What is the kilnMicrowave kiln is a new type of high temperature oven for glass melting or softening and it is popular in Europe and the United States areas.It can reach to 900°C (1650 °F) when operating.For heating about 5 minutes,small pieces of glass will be heated...
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5 Sheets 20.5 BULLSEYE THIN
$12.50 $12.50
For the smoothest finish on the bottom of your kiln-fired projects. Bullseye ThinFire is a ceramic impregnated shelf paper that provides excellent separation between glass and kiln shelf in firing application up to 1600 degrees. No messier kiln wash sticking to the back...
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