Glass Powders

Clear Casting and Coating
$25.00 $25.00
Casting and Coating Epoxy Resin by Art 'N Glow Artists and creators from all over the world use our products for their most important projects. After seeing many of our customers use our products in resin projects we decided to remove the guesswork by creating our own...
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Paint pens for rock painting
$29.99 $59.99
ARTIQO's oil based paint pens are perfect for any artist, beginner or experienced. Each of these 15 Paint markers has a medium tip and a vibrant color. The premium quality paint flows easily, dries quickly, and doesn't fade when it's exposed to water or heat. You can ...
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Glow in The Dark Pigment Powder
$15.95 $15.95
Package Contents : 8 Colors: Pink,Yellow-Green,Yellow,Blue, Sky-Blue,Orange,Green,Blue Green,0.4oz Each. Application Scopes : Screen Printing Ink, Brush - Roller - Spraying Paint Indoors,Dips Plastic Coating,Injection - Extrusion - Casting Plastic,Silicone Rubber Moldi...
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$34.70 $39.99
Luna Bean KEEPSAKE HANDS Plaster Statue Kit Preserve Every Precious Detail! This plaster casting kit for a pair of hands contains the materials to do 1 casting of the following types: 1 Large Adult Hand, 2 Adult Hands (Wedding Hands, Anniversary Hands, Praying Hands,...
35 Pack Slime Making kit,
$12.99 $12.99
Slime Foam Balls -10 pack foam balls, lightweight , smooth, colorful ,enough for making your crunchy slime -Made of high quality Styrofoam, perfect size, 0.1-0.18 Inch -These Styrofoam balls also can stuff gift boxes, glass bottles, or make art crafts ornament Glitter P...
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Clear Glycerin Soap Base-
$14.19 $14.19
Create your own Handmade Soaps. Simply add your desired essential oil, fragrance to customize your soaps. Your handmade soaps can be made with these simple steps. CUT Create your own handmade and custom clear soap bars. Simply remove the shrink wrap from the scored soap...
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Testors 306006 Spray Chalk,
$6.91 $18.97
Testors spray chalk instantly sprays on the fun! create games or release your inner artist with these bright aerosols that spray chalk. Goes places and surfaces were regular sidewalk chalk can’t! use on grass, asphalt, concrete, sand and much, much more. Spray, play a...
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Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder
$7.95 $7.95
Glow In The Dark Pigment Powder by Art 'N Glow Artists and creators from all over the world use our glow paints and powders for their projects. Usable in any transparent medium, our customers have created resin castings, glow in the dark canvas paintings, star murals,...
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OPount 19 Pack Colorful Styrofoam
$21.99 $21.99
OPount foam beads for slime 15 pack foam balls 0.08-0.35 inch plus bonus fruit splice with 3 blue tools fit for kid's DIY craft, crunchy slime, party decorations Features: Colorful styrofoam balls DIY accessories for children and adult Suitable for slime making, gift b...
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Skogfe Glow In The Dark Pigment
$15.99 $15.99
Luminous characteristicsWhat is Glowmix?Glowmix is a set of 8 uniquely customized glow powders for enhancing mucus. These powders are intended to color the mucus and allow it to glow in the dark. ✔ Package ContentsContains  8 pigments in a single package. Contains...
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