Fuseworks FW880 Simply Fused
$8.00 $11.35
Simply fused is a must-have for any craft enthusiast’s library. Published by diamond tech, this book takes crafting to a whole new level of fun. Create stunning baubles and bangles to wear and for your home right in the microwave. Intended for use with the fuseworks l...
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Fuseworks Lightweight Running
$7.63 $5.19
A low cost and lightweight alternative to standard running pliers, made from high desity sythetic polymers. Applies pressure to your glass score to help separate glass....
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Fuseworks Small Gold Jewelry
Create handcrafted pendants from fused glass, resin or polymer clay. Jewelry bails are gold plated. No wire-wrapping or drilling necessary to make beautiful jewelry - just a drop of epoxy or glass adhesive will affix decorative glass to the bail. Instructions: use a sma...
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Diamond Tech Crafts Fuseworks
$11.38 $11.38
New Fuseworks Image Art-DIAMOND TECH-Fuseworks Image Transfer Paper. Fuseworks premium grade, high-quality laser water-slide decal paper allows you to transfer your artwork to a glass surface for fusing. All it takes is a computer, a printer with iron oxide toner, and y...
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Fuseworks Fashion Bails, Antique
$6.49 $6.49
These antique gold bails have been carefully crafted with 5 different intricate designs. Each unique bail makes your designs seem like long-treasured pieces. An O-shaped loop at the top of each bail creates a large loop for adding your favorite cord or chain.  To add a...
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